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Logistics Services Worldwide

Connecting global trade across all industries and transportation needs.

Supply Chain Solutions

We are present wherever your cargo goes. From North America to Oceania, we're there for you every step of the way

Export & Import Services

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive logistical solutions encompassing land, sea, train, and air transportation. Whether it's the export of grains, agriproducts, fruits, proteins, dairy, tobacco, sugar, wood, plastics, minerals, or foodstuffs, we ensure your goods reach their destination efficiently and intact.


On the import side, we specialize in handling a diverse array of commodities including textiles, machinery and parts, fertilizers, spare parts, autoparts, pharmaceuticals, and retail items. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we guarantee seamless transportation and meticulous attention to every detail of your logistics needs.

Project Cargo

At our company, we prioritize the welfare of your cargo, particularly during the periods when it is not actively in transit. Through a sophisticated network of operations, we meticulously oversee the handling and protection of your goods at strategic hubs and intermodal junctions.


Our suite of services is tailored to cater to every aspect of cargo care during these stationary phases. One of our core offerings is stuffing and unstuffing services, where our skilled team ensures that your cargo is efficiently loaded and unloaded with precision and care. This meticulous approach extends to our storage solutions, where we provide secure facilities equipped to accommodate various types of cargo, ensuring its integrity until the next leg of its journey.


We excel in orchestrating the seamless integration of rail, trucking, warehousing, and port operations. Our dedication to reliability and efficiency guarantees the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.


With meticulous planning and precise execution, we manage every detail of your shipment with expertise and attention. Rely on us to provide exceptional international transportation services, eliminating your logistical hurdles effortlessly.


At Mercator, we specialize in seamlessly transporting bulk liquids, grains, and managing FOB (Free On Board) logistics. With a commitment to reliability and efficiency, our tailored solutions ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time.


From meticulous planning to precise execution, we handle every aspect of your shipment with expertise and care. Trust us to deliver excellence in international transportation services, making your logistics challenges a thing of the past.

Reefer Network

We have an integrated and dedicated network specifically focused on
cooperation between Mercator and specialized partners. We offer our experience, contacts, purchasing power with shipping lines, and global services at your disposal to meet your needs and develop business together successfully. 
We drive synergy to achieve competitive conditions and scale in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the Middle East. We handle an annual volume exceeding 200,000 TEUs.
We provide shipment tracking, customs clearance, import with specialized in-house personnel for controlled temperature cargo, storage, transportation, distribution, delivery management, quality inspections, and always strive to deliver value-added services.

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